07 May, 2015

Top winter activities for kids

Winter is coming! Cooler months and wet and rainy days mean that little ones need a bit more inspiration to have fun. Here are just three of our favourite activities to enjoy during the cooler months.

26 February, 2015

Our top 5 super styled kids

Sporting some of the cutest fashions and striking some high fashion poses, these little tykes have some great style! Here are some of our most recent faves!

Adorable and ever the perfect models, these two little ones definitely have fashion and style in droves!

Too cute for words @mummyfashionblogger keeps 'fun' in style with some perfect fashion moments caught forever.

Our friends in the US truly have style and fashion worked out. @ministylehacker can also give you some great tips about getting the Hollywood look for less.

This trio sets the bar high on the style-o-meter with some great looks, awesome poses and striking eyes that catch you with every photo.

Our Japanese mates offer us a totally awesome style that can't be beat! This little one is ready for her close up!

Thanks to all the fantastic little models for sharing their super styles with us! If you think you've got an awesome style, send us a pic at info@idtee.com.au.

01 January, 2015

Top trending baby names of 2014

As many new parents would attest, naming your child can be a nail biting experience. The name you give your child is what makes them unique and will help them discover their place in the big new world.

So for soon- to-be-parents looking for some inspiration, or those wondering how their name choice faired among others, we've highlighted some of BabyCentre's the top baby names and trends in Australia for 2014.

For girls, the ever popular Ava has moved up to take the top spot in 2014, bumping Charlotte down to third position. Making their grand appearance into the top ten baby names are Mia and Ella, while Zoe and Sophia have dropped out of the top ten all together.

Names including V are definitely on trend with Ivy, Evie, Olivia, Evelyn and Violet all entering the top 50 with ease last year.

For boys, Oliver remains the number one favourite with Noah in second place and Jack a long time favourite in third. Mason and Henry are new comers to the top ten list of popular boys names and are rumoured to have jumped up the list thanks to baby Kardashian born in 2009 and Khloe Kardashian's toy giraffe collection - every giraffe is named Henry!  

Thomas and Liam made an appearance in the top ten list of most popular boys names in 2014, with Lachlan, Charlie, Cooper and Ethan falling back to positions 13, 14,15 and 16 respectively.

So what are some of the name trends for 2014?

Games of Thrones addicts and admirers of the independent and headstrong, Ayra Stark, will be pleased to know that Aria (spelt in a number of different ways) has hit the top 50 list for the first time in 20th position.

Matilda and Charlie are also new entrants into the top 50. After taking a year off in 2013, these names are making their way back into popularity.

Girls names with an N or ER at the end are increasingly making an appearance, moving away from the traditional girls' names that end with a an A or E sound.

Family names as first names remain a popular trend for boys, while boy names starting with H are also on trend.

Hudson, Henry, Hunter and Harrison all moved up the list in 2014, while Mason, Luca, Sebastian and Archer were among the biggest movers and shakers in 2014 and climbing the ladder.

If you're a celebrity tracker and want to know what the glitterati are naming their babes, then check out some of these celebrity baby names that made an impact in 2014.

Some of the more unique names in 2014 from star-powered parents were River (Megan Gale's son), Apollo (Gwen Stefani's son), Bodhi (Mark Webber's son) and Summer (Christina Aguilera's daughter).

Australian parents Melissa Gorge, Hamish Blake and Kate Ritchie named their children Raphael, Sony and Mae respectively and with the Australian tennis season in full swing, we can't forget a mention of Roger Federer's little twins, Leo and Lenny.

How did you choose your baby's name and why did you choose it? We'd love to hear your stories.