07 May, 2015

Top winter activities for kids

Winter is coming! Cooler months and wet and rainy days mean that little ones need a bit more inspiration to have fun. Here are just three of our favourite activities to enjoy during the cooler months.

Inspire budding chefs
For young ones, banging on the pots and pans can be fun, but for those more independent children, helping out in the kitchen can be fun and quality family time.

Dedicate an hour to baking some biscuits or making muffins and letting your kids help as you go. Stirring and pouring are great activities to develop coordination and gives young budding chefs confidence in completing tasks.

You can get them their own personalised aprons for a bit of fun or mini oven mitts and caps to help them feel the part.
The best part about this activity is eating the end result!

Role play to learn and have fun
Role playing is such an important way of developing creativity, language and social skills.

Wrap a towel around your next or make your own unique super hero mask to enjoy the fun of make believe with your children.

Encourage helping hands
Spending time together is all part of the fun, but if you still need to get things done, why not involve your little ones. Get them to hand you pegs as you hang out the washing and count them as you go.

Incidental learning is all about having fun with traditional learning games and using everyday activities in a fun and engaging way.

What are some of your favourite winter activities to play indoors?

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